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    cordelette pour plug de leash et boitier us longboard, single, midlenght & fish 
  • 32,00 € 2Disponible
    Leash Modom 6'comp. Polypropylène de 6mm.  Emerillon en Acier Inoxydable  Velcro  Poche pour la clef 
  • 36,00 € 3Disponible
    Leash Modom 6'standard Polypropylène de 7mm Emerillon en Acier Inoxydable Velcro Poche pour la clef 
  • 174,00 € 3Disponible
    Detachable connector – fully interchangable with any modom cord or cuff Sharkbanz magnetic technology – based on sharkbanz research has the ability to reduce the chance of shark interaction by using a magnetic field Smooth rotating stainless steel anti-rust swivels to minimise tangling 6ft standard width – 7mm polypropylene cord
  • 36,00 € 3Disponible
    Leash Modom 7' standard Polypropylène de 7mm  Emerillon en Acier Inoxydable Velcro Poche pour la clef.
  • 42,00 € 1Disponible
    9mm Large cuff (60mm)Smooth rotating stainless steel anti-rust swivel to eliminate tanglingUltra strong velcroDetachable rail saverInternal silicon print to eliminate slippingHeavy duty connectors for extra strength
  • 40,00 € 5Disponible
    Patent Pending 38mm Non-slip Cuff Surefire Leash Release DNA Flex Mould Leash Lock 2 Year Warranty Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel

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